August 28, 2018

   The Redwoods along the coast of the Pacific Northwest and California are the oldest trees in existence today. Ohana is proud to have worked with local responsible harvesters since 2011 to source material for our Redwood and Sinker Redwood Limited Edition series.


Ohana CK-42 Sinker Redwood Series [/col2]


Ohana CK-40 Solid Redwood Series


   Redwood has been used for quite some time to build acoustic instruments. It has a warm, rich tone that tends to project a touch more than Cedar. The graining pattern is typically straight and can be a tight or loose array depending on the tree. Some samples have beautiful striations of darker and lighter colors, while others are fairly uniform. Sinker Redwood is a truly neat preparation of the Redwood tree. The whole log falls and sinks into river bottoms for years— or even decades!— and is then pulled up and cured for use. Depending on the particular tree, and the body of water, sometimes this leaves behind mineral deposits in the wood, giving it a natural luster.


Ohana Sinker Redwood 42 Series


 The rarest form of Redwood we’ve been lucky enough to use, is the figured variety. The ukuleles made with this particularly beautiful tonewood has pattern to the figuring reminiscent of water, playing about the grain. To date, Ohana has only found suitable material to make about one dozen of this unique and fetching ukulele. At Ohana, we’ve paired our solid Redwood, and Sinker Redwood, with solid Rosewood. We find the pairing to be especially pleasing to the ear. No other model offers the warmth AND sustain of this pairing. These two tonewoods make a natural couple, aesthetically, and are highlighted with Maple binding and rope purfling.


Ohana Solid Redowood 40 Series

Give the Ohana Sinker Redwood Series a listen on the video below!

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