At Ohana, we love to give back to the community and strive to give our support whenever we can. Here are some highlights!


Bringing Ukuleles and Joy to Lahaina (Maui, HI)

Following the disastrous wildfires in August 2023, we partnered with local Ohana dealer Richard Dan of Kama'aina Loan and Cash to deliver new ukuleles to hundreds of Lahaina schoolchildren who had lost theirs. Read more on the story here.

Ulysses S. Grant Elementary School (Long Beach, CA)

One of the schools we collaborated with in the past -- we are proud to work with Ulysses S. Grant Elementary School and their amazing music instructor, Scott Karkanen. Read more on the story here.

Los Angeles Public Library (Los Angeles, CA)

Marc Horton, who is a dedicated acting senior librarian at the Wilmington Branch of the Los Angeles Public Library, first contacted Ohana to help push forward his goal of starting a ukulele lending program. It was truly an honor for us to be a part of this. Read more on the story here.

Testimonial by Marc Horton:



National/Global Organizations

These are some nonprofits that we work with and support outside of the ukulele community. For more information on these organizations, or if you would also like to support, please visit their website by clicking the linked titles below.


Ukulele Kids Club (UKC)

Ohana is proud to be a corporate sponsor of the UKC.

This organization works with music therapy programs from around the world in exchange for donations of ukuleles. These ukuleles are used in music therapy sessions leading children to the path of better health/wellness. They have donated 14,000+ ukuleles to hospitalized children from Canada, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, England, Germany, Greece, Mexico, Norway, Scotland, Poland, Ukraine and nationally around the United States including Puerto Rico and Hawaii.


World Vision

Founded in 1950, this international humanitarian Christian organization works to resolve the causes of poverty—partnering up with all kinds of families, children, and communities advocating justice, transformational development, public awareness, etc.

Doctors without Borders

Doctors without Borders is a global organization that cares for those who do not have access to medical care. Their humanitarian teams have reached those in over 70 countries—generally where medical care is scarce or at the event of a crisis—providing the highest quality of assistance that is needed. They are often one of the first team of responders at the scene.

Sandy Hook Promise Foundation

Nicole Hockley speaks at event

A national nonprofit organization that protects our children from gun violence. This foundation was formed shortly after the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Their goal is to bring awareness having the youth to know the signs, to unify those who value protecting our children and taking action to prevent gun violence at their schools, homes, and communities.

Assistance League of Long Beach (ALLB)

Founded in 1940 and with over 800 members, this local nonprofit organization provides essential needs to families and communities through many philanthropic programs. This includes low-cost orthodontic care, new school uniforms for children, scholarships for college students, etc. ALLB is a branch of the larger parent National Assistance League.


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