July 02, 2020

Ukulele is known for being an accessible instrument. The price tag is typically far more approachable than a guitar, and they are far easier to take along on travels. Just because these instruments are accessible, doesn’t mean they aren’t for serious players!
-18OM NAMM Debut
Unveiled at NAMM 2020, our new -18OM series (O, the letter–for Okoume'!) has fast become a fan favorite for its glowing lustrous woodtone and fun fretboard inlays. We started with Okoume'(also known asAkoumé), responsibly harvested from the central Africa region, and made into a sturdy veneer. In its native regions, this beautiful tree is not only prized for its wood–its resin is also used in cosmetics.

Okoume’ is known for having a slightly pink tone to the wood, with a nice luster caused by the inherently high silica content. The wood type itself is a less dense material and is often compared to basswood or redwood in terms of ‘hardness’.
Stringed instruments made from Okoume’ are noticeably lighter weight than similar builds in mahogany or rosewood. Due to this lightness, this wood has been sourced for making kayaks, boats and small aircraft for many ages.
Floral Fret Markers on Ohana -18OM Ukulele
When we started designing our -18OM series in exotic Okoume’, we knew we wanted a price approachable model for students beginning their ukulele journey. A nice instrument with plenty of value added options, that wasn’t the typical mahogany. With that market in mind, it made perfect sense to use the floral inlay as fret markers, each flower and petal denotes an important ‘stop’ along the fretboard. These fret markers are echoed with simple dots along the side of the instrument, as well, for easy use during playing or class.
For the finish, we’ve chosen a lovely closed pore satin finish -- it helps to  bring out the natural figuring and luster of this exotic wood type. To bind the body in a classic aesthetic, we’ve used wood with black/white/black purfling. An abalone inlay rosette echoes the floral fretboard and adds a bit of sparkle.
A slotted headstock, and Ohana’s first class set up finish out these cool new instruments.  With such a bevy of options, it's no wonder these pretty little laminate models are becoming the main squeeze of many players.
Try one out with your local Authorized Ohana Dealer today, in no time you’ll see why our family slogan reads “I LOVE my Ohana!”