July 27, 2020

It’s Time to Treat Yourself with an Ohana Limited Edition!

At our core, Ohana Ukuleles believes that every person should have access to music–and that ukulele is a collaborative, affordable and travel friendly way to help musicians thrive across the globe.  Take a tour of our extra special Limited Edition models, sourced from rare tonewoods and featuring sparkling abalone inlays, beveled edges, and all the little details that make a difference.

The CK-450SMP enjoys some fresh air

Classic Hawaiian Koa

We work with responsible and ethical suppliers in Hawaii to help source the coveted Koa wood for our -350G and -370G series.  These models are all-solid builds, sure to become more resonant and melodic as they are played over time. Limited runs of each model are released every year, making these instruments coveted additions to any collection.

Each model boasts pretty abalone inlay paired with solid wood binding, creating a lovely frame for the color combinations of the all solid koa.  For a little extra, our -370G series boasts a fun bird inlay up the fretboard, helping you to hit the right frets every time.

Fretboard details of the CK-370G


Our SK-390 is a lesser known all-solid koa model, lovingly based on classic Martin styling.  We find the vintage style finish allows the koa’s natural warmth to really shine.  Only a single run was produced -- so if you’ve got one, hang on!

Uniquely Alluring

Ohana is proud to offer a catalog with a little something for all our players!  This entry is represented in both our Unique Scale and Limited Editions -- the SK-250M.  Made in an all-solid build featuring cedar and acacia, this little beauty features gorgeous inlay work to really sparkle.  A favorite of our friends at The Ukebug, this little beauty is described as sweetly mellow and soothing -- perfect for a Sunday strum on your summer porch.

Our Rarest Bird, The CK-450SMP

Shown off beautifully by our Friend of Ohana, Cynthia Kinunnen, the CK-450SMP is our rarest of the rare.  Made in solid Spalted Maple, the process of creating these wonderful patterns does create a bit of a challenge— raw material that retains enough strength and integrity for a solid build is incredibly rare.  Only about 1 in 100 sets of Spalted Maple are stable enough to create our CK-450SMP. At Ohana, we hand pick these sets, making each instrument a true labor of love.

Photo Credit: Cynthia Kinunnen via Instagram


Blonde Elegance

Our CK-450QEL is a study in gorgeously alluring all-solid Quilted Eucalyptus.  Sourced in Australia, this particular wood type boasts an unexpectedly dark and moody sound.  This pretty build features abalone inlay throughout to compliment the blonde-toned wood.  Dark wood binding contrasts against the platinum body and highlights the comfort beveled edge.  High gloss makes sure every iridescent fibre of the quilted eucalyptus is displayed beautifully.

We love hearing from our fans, like Misty:

I received my "eucalele" on Christmas day 2018.

It is an extraordinary instrument!

Strung with Living Water strings (Ken Middleton), it just sings when played and has a wonderful warm resonance with just a hint of didgeridoo. The tone is clear, and bell-like when picked, and it has great volume whether strummed or picked.” - Misty C.

Classically Luxe

The -75CG series is one of our longest running available Limited Editions.  This all-solid pairing boasts a spruce soundboard for excellent projection and beautifully flamed maple on the back and sides.  Abalone?  Yeah, this ukulele has abalone!  We’ve got inlay on nearly every surface of this pretty series.  An elegant florentine cutaway allows more advanced players easy access to upper frets, and gives this series a serious edge!

Ukulollo enchants the locals with his TK-75CG

US Sourced Woods

Our Redwood and Port Orford Cedar series are pretty unique.  Each boasts woods sourced from the Pacific Northwest.  

A protected Redwood canopy in Jedediah Smith CA State Park.
Credit: Stephanie Snell

For the delightfully dark -42 Series, we sourced Sinker Redwood -- which has spent decades or even a cool century soaking up mineral deposits for added luster and a more metallic tone.

The -80/-85 boast Port Orford Cedar top -- a white cedar, harder than typical cedar and providing a nice bit of projection. We’ve chosen to pair this unique soundboard with either figured (-80) or burled (-85) myrtle for a ukulele whose body is completely sourced from USA woods.

Acacia is Aces!

While Koa reigns king of ukulele making, we think Acacia is a wonderfully undersung hero of the acoustic instrument world.  We offer all-solid builds in all acacia (-270G), spruce top and acacia (-250G) and cedar top and acacia (-260G) -- each with its own unique voice.

Many of our artists love a spruce top for that projection and brightness. Mim’s favorite is our TK-250GCE, with a cutaway to high those higher frets and an on board chromatic tuner for quick checks between sets.

A slightly less expensive alternative to koa, our -270G series offers an all-solid build in acacia.  We’ve chosen a simple abalone rosette, and wood binding to let acacia’s rich wood tones take center stage for this series.

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