July 02, 2020

  Ohana had a blast participating on Make Music Day in our own way! We were excited to have a slew of wonderful artists from the ukulele community as well as our online Ohana join in the fun. Read more to find out how it all went down on June 21st, 2020!

  First and foremost, the Make Music Day festival (MMD) is an annual global event that encourages ALL to participate in making music, noise, or sound of any kind. It started in 1982 in France as the Fete de La Musique. Now, MMD is held on the same day in more than 1,000 cities and 120 countries! The event is touted as a different type of music festival because it’s open to anyone who wants to take part, regardless of skill level or age (it’s never too late or early!). 

It’s never too early or too late for music-making! Photo courtesy of Joao Tostes and baby Lucy
(Photo courtesy of Joao Tostes and baby Lucy)

  This celebration of music encourages participants to go out into public spaces or venues and fulfill the simple requirement of making music, however they see fit. Some perform as buskers out on the street and in public places. Many host events with a great line-up of artists. And still others hold classes and workshops about numerous subjects on music. The ways to get involved and participate are endless! 

  To safely celebrate during Covid-19 this year, the celebration was a little different–we had to keep in mind the practice of social distancing, making this a virtual exploration.  One thing we've been most proud of at Ohana, is that despite of our distance, we've managed to grow closer as a family and community.  So what did Ohana do?! For MMD, we wanted to use our platform to do two things: we wanted to highlight great artists in our ukulele community and also celebrate and share our Ohana family who participated!  



Chloe Hennessee - I'm Yours by Jason Mraz (cover)

  Here's an exclusive rendition of Jason Mraz's "I'm Yours" covered byChloe Hennessee and played on the Ohana TK-39!

"Chloe Hennessee is a singer-songwriter based in New York. In early 2020, Chloe embarked on a new & ambitious project. With her producer, Wayne Silver of The Ice Plant studio, Chloe is working on special arrangements of 7 (possibly 8) new original songs. They will be released in a "drip content" fashion - one per month between February & September of 2020." -via www.chloehennessee.com website 


The Lee Sisters - Bukeaneer (original song)

  Here's an exclusive rendition of the Lee Sisters' original song "Bukeaneer" played on the Ohana -70W and -70R series!

Bukeaneer - Lee Sisters original off their debut EP "Uke Shoes", available on www.ukulise.com and all streaming services.



The Naked Waiters - Friend (original song)

  Here's an exclusive rendition of the Naked Waiters' original song "Friend" played on the Ohana -70RB and the OBU-22 bass!

"Acoustic Ukulele-centric trio based in Northern Utah. Kim Bjerga, Clark Holmes, and Andy Nufer. Handsome harmonies and sweet strings to brighten your day." via YouTube



We were excited to have Zander and Abe Lagrimas, Jr. join us in a couple of Instagram (IG) Lives for MMD. They each jumped on and hosted an hour of Ohana music fun. You had to be there to enjoy it BUT we’ll describe the awesomeness as best as we can. Just don’t miss the next one!


  Zander brought his overwhelming light and joy to our Ohana, and it was just what we needed. He’s traveled the world with his music and shared the stage with many popular artists including Ziggy Marley & Train. Upon hearing his music, you’ll be instantly uplifted and surrounded with love. He hosted our IG live in Miami, Florida against a backdrop of gorgeous greenery and blue sky. During his golden hour, Zander jammed out on our CKS-22E concert ukulele from our slim line and even dropped an exclusive unreleased song! We’re honored. Until his next live pop-up, check out his exclusive video performance for Ohana. 

Abe Lagrimas, Jr.

  Abe Lagrimas, Jr. is an award-winning multi-instrumentalist. He’s also a multi-artist: musician, composer, educator, and author. He helped us out on MMD by demonstrating the Bongolele and Shakerlele, both from our Ohana Rhythm Line! This hour was full of knowledge and percussion fun. We reviewed the anatomy of our bongolele and explained in detail what each component of the instrument had to offer. Next, he illustrated different bongolele playing patterns and asked us to join in. Lastly, he taught us how to add in 2 more shake styles with our shakerlele, giving us confidence that ANYONE can make music. Missed that live? Stay tuned for more from this talented artist. 

Last but not least….


  We asked our Ohana around the world to join us on MMD and post their ukulele fun. If you played an Ohana and tagged us on Instagram, we saw it and shared it on our stories. Now they are safely tucked away on our highlight reel in our IG stories but here’s a roll call of the cool folks who shared! Thank you to all who joined us. You truly brightened up our day with all the love from our Ohana. 

Special, special shout out to our Ohana who tagged us. If we missed you, PLEASE let us know! Let's keep making sweet music together.☺

  1. @ukulelemomster on the BK-35
  2. @_HRKS
  3. @griffo_ukulele
  4. @luciecjohnson on the PK-10
  5. @d.ted on the SK-39
  6. @chezbayo on the Pequeno
  7. @dearlotuscole on the SK-50GS
  8. @bliss4glory on an Ohana baritone
  9. @mishkypop family on a family of Ohana ukuleles!
  10. @annieriksonmusic on the VKC-70
  11. @s.havemusic 
  12. @krabbers
  13. @toddlorencmusic on the SK-21
  14. @conradcaymanmusic on the BK-35GCE
  15. @masato.music
  16. @phreddcatt on an O'nina
  17. @kimber_ly___ on a blue o'nina
  18. @mistercharlesless on a VK-70