May 04, 2021

We're so amazed at all the ways our ohana get creative with the DIY Kits! It warms our hearts to see players utilize their kits for all sorts of great projects. From uke lovers to beginners to experts, we’ve seen what DIY looks like in your hands! Check out how some of our ohana have done ukulele their way.


Ukuleles are always on trend in our book, but there have been waves of popularity throughout the decades. Despite last year’s near-global shutdown, it created time and space for folks to pick up a new hobby or skill. Naturally, the ukulele is an easy thing to be drawn to with its approachable size and just four strings, especially with all the great classes, tutorials, and instructors widely available! 


Enter our DIY Kits~



We find that our DIY Ukulele Kits are the perfect blend of art and music where you can create your own unique design and still have a quality instrument to play when you're done. With these kits, you get to learn the anatomy of and familiarize yourself with the instrument setup via simple step-by-step instructions.

The Ohana DIY Ukulele Kit arrives with the neck pre-attached, and pilot holes to help take the guess work out of structural particulars. Glue the bridge and tuners in their designated place and string it up -- you’re ready to rock.

The DIY kits work extremely well with the youth and newbies. And they work even better in groups. Now that the world is cautiously opening back up, it’s a great time to utilize these kits in a fun, group environment. Just like the examples below. 

Include them in your Uke Camp or Workshop!

There are so many great schools and organizations that have already implemented the Ohana DIY Ukulele Kits into their program. Cal Heights Music is local to Ohana HQ and has an ongoing camp for kids that introduces them to decorating and playing their own ukulele, leaving them feeling both accomplished and more invested in learning music. 

(photos courtesy of Cal Heights Music)


Another school who has had a blast with the kits is Arroyo Vista Middle School. They share their process in this video below:


One of the most recent programs using our DIY Kits is the Black Cat Music Cooperative. They displayed their kids' finished ukes-of-art in a show collaboration with a local art gallery. Watch below.

Adding our DIY kits to your music program & activity workshops can grow a whole new generation of creative musicians. And you know we need more ukuleles, art, and music in this world! Teach your kids the importance of music at an early age. 


Make it a Family Affair

Family is the best group to DIY with! You can get in on the fun with this at-home activity. Stephanie Madsen (a.k.a. The Ukulele Lady) and her sons take the intimidation out of the Ohana DIY Kits with this easy-to-follow video guide. They used our soprano kit.


Tune in to The Ukulele Lady's YouTube channel for more tutorials & demos on Ohana ukes!



Other Ways Ohana DIY Kits Are Used

You can design your Ohana DIY for any occasion. Pomelo Community Charter School decorated a DIY uke with school pride for a recent fundraiser.


#OhanaDIY for Promotion

Ohana artist, Zander Waves, created a custom uke giveaway in celebration of his last single released in 2020. He collaborated with Julie Davila from Flamingo Creative Design to create a custom uke design on our concert DIY kit. The design theme was inspired from Zander's new cover release of "Angels We Have Heard On High". This was a great way to give something of value to his fans and promote a celebratory occasion, like sharing music. 

Julia Davila Flamingo Creative Design Collab with Zander

Watch the process video by the artist, Julie:


Educated Ukulele Enthusiasts and Lovers

Jeff Winge is a ukulele enthusiast and surprised us with his addition of a koa veneer on top of his pineapple concert DIY kit. We've seen paint, wood burning, and etched designs, but not a veneer. Just goes to show how much you're in control of the look!

I thought it would make more sense if you could see the process instead of just the finished product. And it plays beautifully! I thought I would have to get it set up, but the action is really nice!”

Jeff Winge on showing us the progress pics:

On the playability: “After all, I got a Koa ukulele for under $150 that sounds and plays like I spent $1000!”

Hear how it sounds:

Photos and video courtesy of Jeff Winge

Your Turn!

Here you've seen our concert pineapple, concert, and soprano DIY ukes, but we also have DIY kits in tenor size. The Ohana Ukulele DIY Kits are a great idea for workshops, school programs, recreational activities with a group, and more. The possibilities are endless.

Find your nearest Ohana Dealer and grab your kits today.

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