May 10, 2021

In her earlier years, following studies in piano, flute, bassoon, oboe, and voice, and after completing her conservatory piano levels and a university degree in music, Cynthia dove into marketing and fundraising in the arts and non-profit sector. A Level 3 James Hill Ukulele Initiative teacher, she teaches private music instruction in ukulele and piano; ukulele group classes and workshops in Canada and internationally; the Royal City Ukulele Ensemble adult learning program; and is Director of Engagement for Ukulele in the Classroom. She’s also the founder and festival director of the Royal City Uke Fest in Guelph, Ontario. Passionate about the role that music can play in our lives, our homes, and our communities, she encourages everyone to learn and make music, no matter their age or ability.

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Cynthia K at home
(photo credits: Lisa MacIntosh)

“I discovered Ohana when I was investing in my first “step up” instrument. Once I had moved more formally back into music teaching and performing, I was fortunate to connect with Ohana directly and they’ve been tremendous supporters of the work I do teaching in the community and internationally, and with the Royal City Uke Fest here in Guelph, Ontario. But aside from being simply wonderful folks to work with – and incredible supporters of the ukulele community worldwide – their instruments have been very rewarding to play. These days I teach a lot with my CK-450SMP, which I really like the sound and feel of. I have also fallen in love with “the littles” as I like to call them, my Teeny Tiny Pineapple (TTPK-70G) and my SK-21M. And I use SK-10s in classes regularly as they’re perfect for students. I really like the range of ukuleles in their line, both visually and aurally full of character, and something at a price point for everyone. Three cheers for ukuleles!”

- Cynthia Kinnunen