April 08, 2021

The BEST things come in small packages!


At Ohana, we firmly believe in making every instrument sound its absolute best by utilizing great raw materials and extensive attention to detail during our setup process. Our Short Scale Series is no different, ensuring these tiny instruments have great sound and character.

 O'Nina BL at the County Fair
The O'Nina BL in blue is a 'blue ribbon winner' with Ohana fans!

Perfect for taking along on your next hike through the forest or on a cross-country road trip, the O’Nina is available in a bevy of colors perfect to suit any mood and setting. These Sopranissimo scale instruments offer a compact size in fun laminate willow wood and are sure to put a smile on any player’s face.  


Friend of Ohana, Mim, swears by her Sopranissimo O’Nino “Tiny Tim” for pre-pandemic international travels to the annual Grand Northern Ukulele Festival. Even with a bit of ‘road rash’, Tim the Sopranissimo fits easily in a personal bag (even packed in a swanky DB-17BK) and continues to delight audiences near and far. Made in all-solid mahogany for a rich and natural tone, this heavy hitter clocks in at a whopping 17” from the top of the headstock to the bottom bout -- allowing your O’Nino to travel everywhere you can!

Mim's Tiny Tim
Mim's minion keeps watch over Tiny Tim.

Our very first foray into the sub-soprano was our SK-21 Sopranino. This model is made in all-solid mahogany with cream binding and a warm satin finish for a classic style. We then expanded the line to include our Pequeno in the Nunes styling, made in all-solid premium mahogany with rope binding all around. Either option is a fun way to expand your collection into the sub-soprano scale.

 TPK in National Park
A Tiny pineapple out in the wild!

Ohana’s most recent ‘Tiny’ additions are our TPK and TTPK pineapple series. These Tiny and Teeny Tiny Pineapple shaped instruments are made in all-solid builds of either mahogany or spruce top and mahogany back and sides. This fun take offers a bit more projection due to the open layout of the body. And of course, we’ve carried over the fun headstock design of our -25G series -- informally dubbed the ‘Bart Simpson’.


And don’t forget to protect your new Ohana Tiny Uke with its very own soft or hardshell case! All Sopranissimo scale models will fit into a DB-17BK deluxe soft case, or pair the standard figure-8 body sopranissimos with a UCH-17 hardshell case, or a UCP-17 hardshell case for the pineapple-shaped ones. For Sopranino models, the DB-19BK will suit your soft case needs, or the UCH-19/UCP-19 (figure-8/pineapple, respectively) for hardshell options.

With so many options available in the Short Scale Series, the only real question is how many you’ll need in your collection. Stop by your local Authorized Ohana Dealer and scope out the Ohana Tiny Ukes today!


This TPK has had its vaccines and is ready for some safe travel!