February 12, 2021

Gorgeous All Solid Mango in a Pineapple Shape


Unveiled during our Virtual NAMM 2021 Showcase, Ohana is proud to formally introduce the brand new PKT-220G!

PKT-220G Lifestyle Photo

This new member of the Ohana Pineapple Series features an all solid mango body finished in high gloss. Like koa, Mango is a hardwood from the islands of Hawaii -- and also indigenous to Puerto Rico and Asia. It has been a popular building material for ukuleles in recent years, and offers a tone similar to koa with excellent warmth and mid to bass tones. 

Mango Tree
A majestic mango tree

Mango wood offers some striking differences in appearance, even within our release of the -220G. You’ll find some feature gorgeous figuring and flame, while others offer striking bands of darker and lighter amber to deep earth tones. Mango is also often found in a spalted variant -- like in our PKC-150SMO.

PKT-220G vs PKC-150SMO

Mango comes in a variety of styles and patterns

No matter which style speaks to your heart, you can rest easy knowing it will sound fantastic. As always, each and every instrument will be lovingly set up by our Ohana technicians to sound its absolute best.

And to hear just how fantastic it does sound, check out this informative demo by multi-instrumentalist, Abe Lagrimas, Jr.

“It sounds the way it looks, it has this rounded tone....perfect for strumming." Abe Lagrimas, Jr.


We think this lovely instrument would make a great addition to any player’s collection. You’ll be sure to stand out with this unique tenor scale pineapple, the latest addition to the Ohana Ukuleles family.


Will your new PKT-220G get noticed for its looks or its voice first? With this winning combination, all we know is you’ll be turning heads in no time!