February 04, 2021

We first got to know a bit about Matt and Aloha City Ukes before the store officially opened.  It was so much fun to be updated as Matt's plans for a ukulele-dedicated space in the greater Chicagoland area came to fruition. 

Once we got to meet at NAMM 2020, it was obvious that Matt had a keen eye for instruments that would bring his patrons joy to play.  He immediately went for some of our Ohana favorites, like the Vintage Line and the -50G Series.

Be sure to check out this Authorized Ohana Dealer's Facebook page and other social channels for fun strum-alongs, product showcases, and demos of all your favorite Ohana ukes.  His talented daughter often accompanies Matt on air, and shares her youthful joy in making music -- showing that this special space is a place truly filled with 'ohana, and a must-visit in the Midwest!

 Matt at Aloha City UkesPhotos courtesy of Aloha City Ukes on Instagram

Company: Aloha City Ukes
Name: Matt Cantlon
Position: Owner
Years at Company: 
Main Focus : Ukuleles only


Aloha City Ukes Tech in Training


How long has your company been in business?

1 ½ years

What makes your store stand out?

We only carry quality ukuleles and we set up every one of them before they get sent out.

Community programs you’re involved in?

We host a weekly free lesson/sing-along class in which we’ve taught hundreds of people to play.

Free Lessons at Aloha City Ukes

How did you get started in musical instrument sales?

My first job in the industry was at Guitar Center, from there I became the Product Manager for Washburn and Parker Guitars.

Any favorite tales from retail?

I love seeing people’s reactions when they finally play a nice ukulele...it’s priceless and it’s the same thing that happened to me many years ago.

Favorite age to teach to?

I like to teach retired people as they are surprised at how quickly they can play songs.

Local News Visit to Aloha City Ukes

Why are Ohana Ukuleles a good product for your space?

They cover a lot of price points very well. You can get budget ukes and starter packs and still get nice solid wood instruments as well. The quality level is very high. Never any sharp frets or other issues.

Why do you enjoy working with Ohana?

Good people with good ukes.

Which Ohana uke is your favorite, and why?

I like the TK-50G because it’s super classy. Solid Rosewood and Cedar have stood the test of time and look and sound great together.

 Matt at Aloha City Ukes