February 11, 2020

2020 is a new and exciting year for Ohana! Check out some of our new models hot off the production line, and catch a glimpse of some of what we thought were the greatest moments from this year's Winter NAMM! NAMM 2020 came and went with a whirlwind of fun and innovation! Every year, Ohana artists, dealers, and friends visit Anaheim, CA, to see what’s new. It was an Ohana family reunion!

Check out the highlights:



Ohana artists Zander and Alissa Hunnicutt won MVPs for repping Ohana’s booth this year.  With their positive attitudes and colorful personalities, they highlight what we want to bring to our customers through our instruments. Their love for the uke shines through everything they do, and trust us, they won’t hesitate to jam with you at the drop of a hat!

Photo by: Doug Katsumoto

Technical Skills

Ukuleles are fun, but they are serious instruments in skilled hands. Ohana artists Jennifer Leitham, Abe Lagrimas and Jeff Linsky showed off their superior technical skills as the Left Coast Ukulele Trio. We love how they get their Ohana instruments to sing with precision. Look at their concentration!

Photos by: Doug Katsumoto

New Pick-ups for Ohana Cynthia Lin models

Cynthia Lin shows off her new signature models, now available with a pick-up, a feature added this year and released at NAMM 2020. She performed with a slew of people including Conrad, Lotus Cole, Lenny and more -- and her uke cut through the crowd noise with ease! With a simple passive pick up in the -14CL and a sturdy 3-band pick up with built in tuner for the all solid model, these new additions were a hit with all her fans!

Photo by: Doug Katsumoto

Ohana Guitar

Lise Lee is a master of the ukulele but check out the newest Ohana model she’s playing -- introducing our first Ohana guitar! This foray into the world of guitars features a solid mahogany top paired with a Florentine cutaway -- ensuring you can reach for any chord you’d like.  Many of our ukulele artists love this new guitar for its petite size and great sound!

Photo by: Doug Katsumoto

The Heart of Ohana: Authorized Dealers

Our Ohana authorized dealers make up the heart of our growing uke family and it was great seeing them at NAMM. You can find out which Ohana dealer is closest to you on our dealers page: https://ohana-music.com/pages/store-locator. Check out some of the great dealers that stopped by our booth this year!

  1. Mim from Mim’s Ukes seemed pretty excited about our new model, the CK-50ME, which has a solid cedar top and a floral inlay that reminds “UkeTuber” Bernadette Plazola of cherry blossoms. 
  2. Wally from the Folk Shop strummed on our classic CK-28 from the vintage line series (a model he’s familiar with in its ‘take along’ version, the Pequeno).
  3. Mike from Uke Republic was happy to get this year’s Ohana catalog with the full list of new models to choose from.
  4. Melissa from Giacoletti Music stopped by to say hi in person.
  5. New faces popped up to check out the Ohana booth and walked away as a new dealer! We’re thrilled to have Ukuleleria from Mexico...
  6. ...and also UkeSupply from Germany join our Ohana!

Quotables from our trusted dealers

Mim’s Ukes: “I’m a Friend of Ohana so I play Ohanas on stage. A lot of ppl ask me why I choose Ohana to play on stage because, as a dealer, I offer a lot of different brands. But for me it’s really representing the ukulele that has a great tone and great sound for the money.”

Uke Republic:Ohana has such a vast catalog of quality instruments, something for everyone. They keep quality high while giving the customer a great value on an instrument that could last generations.”

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Photo by: Doug Katsumoto