February 11, 2020


Are you a ukulele player thinking of learning guitar? Or maybe a guitar player wanting to try the ukulele? Curious to learn both? Or perhaps you’d like a travel friendly guitar option to take along on your next adventure, or simply love the way a full lineup of six strings sounds.

Ohana’s new Guitar Line offers a solution to those searching for a “transition” instrument or one that is simply easier to learn from and more comfortable to play.  Our TKG (Micro Guitar) and TKGL (Guitarlele) are a fun and innovative way to expand your acoustic horizons! 

Sharp eyes will notice the identical build of these two instruments. We’ve kept the size, shape, and makeup of the body the same, and this is what makes this particular Ohana truly a “transition” instrument -- the difference is solely in the strings! With one set of strings, you are playing a micro version of a guitar. And with the other, a ukulele with two extra strings in the lower register, a.k.a. a guitarlele! Added convenience to the learning process is the name of the game with this hybrid instrument. Less time spent worrying over details of two completely different and separate instruments is more time spent practicing.

When strung in E tuning (EADGBE), a.k.a. standard guitar tuning, you have the Ohana Micro Guitar. The top four strings (DGBE) mirror that of a baritone uke, providing a smooth transition for guitar players entering the world of ukulele -- or in the reverse, a baritone player wanting to pick up guitar playing. Here, the bottom three red wound strings (EAD) distinguish the Micro Guitar from the Guitarlele, which features three silver wound strings on the bottom register.

When strung in A tuning (ADGCEA), a.k.a. standard guitarlele tuning, you have the Ohana Guitarlele. The top four strings (GCEA) mirror that of “linear” ukulele tuning in C with a low-G -- for ukulele players already familiar with low-G tuning, the Ohana Guitarlele brings that familiar body size and adds on two more strings in the bass register for greater musical experimentation with both fingerpicking and strumming, perfect for getting accustomed to the feel of playing with 6 strings, as with a standard guitar.

With the Ohana Guitar Line, freedom is in your hands to learn and play the day away. The solid top gives extra resonance and tone to the all-mahogany build as you practice and perform on either the Ohana Micro Guitar or the Ohana Guitarlele. Or grab two and keep one strung in each tuning to get the best of both worlds. The choice is yours!

Curious? Visit your local Ohana dealer to learn more about this unique hybrid instrument that we are so proud to bring to the world!

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