March 19, 2020

Lotus Cole is a musician and vocalist based out of Southern California.  She began singing before she knew how to speak and started teaching herself ukulele in late 2016. 

She has a broad range of music that she enjoys listening to and performing.  You can find her covering classic love songs, rock, country, pop, blues, and everything in between.  She has a natural charisma and presence on stage that keeps her audience engaged and a voice that will knock your socks off!  Her fresh take on classic and popular songs will have everyone dancing along.

Her favorite thing is to perform live!  Whether it’s at a festival, busking, open mic nights, or jamming with friends old and new.  Catch her playing live locally in Southern California, at the Los Angeles International Ukulele Festival, or at the Ohana Ukuleles booth at NAMM!

Check out Lotus's Instagram and YouTube.