April 27, 2020

What makes this special combination of materials in the Ohana BK-70RB such a powerhouse of sound?

The BK-70RB was first released back in 2009, and was a fast favorite of baritone players -- which at the time were few and far between!  The lack of demand for the baritone scale called for us to reduce our catalog, and the BK-70RB was retired.

Luckily, in 2019, we started to hear a whisper, then a shout for MORE baritone scale ukulele choices!  Knowing what an excellent sound this retired Ohana instrument provided, it was an obvious choice to re-introduce the BK-70RB at NAMM 2020.

Ohana CEO, Louis Wu, shows of the BK-70RB at NAMM 2020

Louis Wu shows off the new BK-70RB at NAMM 2020

If you’re familiar with our ukes, you know how much we love to experiment with tonewoods and materials to find great sounding combinations for our instruments.  Spruce is one of those we are well acquainted with.  More than any other wood type, we love to use spruce for our soundboards!  It is sturdy and strong, and projects unlike any other.

Ohana BK-70RB Cutaway

A sweet cutaway to hit those high frets!

But what about the back and sides?!  These all-too-important parts of the instrument are sometimes looked over and not used to their full potential -- not with the plucky BK-70RB!  We’ve used a composite material for the back and sides to produce maximum projection with no plug-in.  Composite is a fairly stiff material compared to wood, and really bounces the sound out and to your audience.

Ohana BK-70RB Composite Back

Ooooo, high glossy goodness!

Folks might notice this particular Ohana model features a pre-installed strap button.  Due to the curved surface of the composite back, we find these instruments are most comfortably played while seated, or while wearing a shoulder strap.  It can be a little slippery against the body without additional support.  A handy cutaway allows advanced players to really get into those higher frets with ease.

Bernadette Plazola is already in love with the prototype before its debut at NAMM 2020!

Try one of these unique Ohana Baritone models out today, and feel the love, from our Ohana to yours!

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