March 11, 2020

First introduced in 2020 -- the -50ME Series boasts a number of features you are sure to love and a sound you won’t forget.

The one and only Bernadette takes the TK-50ME for a spin.

Having fun exploring the breadth of tonewoods available to us is one of our favorite things here at Ohana HQ.  One of the materials that has long been utilized for building acoustic instruments is cedar. Cedar is known for having a warm and mellow voice paired with medium projection.  Long used in acoustic guitar builds, cedar has a rich history of providing some of the finest soundboards out there. 

Ohana -50ME Ukulele

“I’m a sucker for cedar!  By far my favorite tonewood for its warm, mellow voice.” - Steph

We’ve paired solid cedar with striking Macassar Ebony for the -50ME Series.  Macassar Ebony is a tropical hardwood from Indonesia -- the density of this wood type makes it a coveted raw material to build with and an excellent pairing for the back and sides of acoustic instruments.   Dense, heavy wood types like ebony typically provide incredible resonance.

Macassar Ebony back and sides

Prized for its beautiful pattern of grain, this wood features a mostly dark base color with innate luster and is struck thru with blonde to reddish and even some pink-toned striations.  We think it pairs beautifully with the reddish-hued cedar!  

Ohana fans will be stoked to see a little extra bling on this model, courtesy of the floral fretboard inlay.  Not only is this inlay lovely, it is also functional, and acts as a way to demark the important frets. Side markers are also present, making sure you know just where your fingers go, no matter the angle. 

Floral inlay on frets # 5, 7, 10 & 12

This model sports a slotted headstock for additional visual interest, and an abalone rosette for a little sparkle along the top.  Wood binding and black/white/black purfling outline the top, back, and sides for a clean and finished look. An open-pore satin finish makes these ukuleles a pleasure to hold and a delight to play. 

-50ME slotted headstock

The warm voice of cedar and ebony are sure to bring joy to your audience.  Try one out at your local Authorized Ohana Dealer today!