February 04, 2021

The Ohana CK-390: Solid Koa Paired with Vintage Charm

Responsibly sourced so you can play with abandon!

At Ohana, we are well known for our commitment to quality instruments that are set up to show off the best of their character.  We love working with classic and inventive tonewoods, and boast ‘a little something for every player’.


CK-390 in Nature
Just look at that gorgeous koa!


Our Vintage Series is one of our most popular product lines amongst both players and music shops alike.  Each of the ukuleles from this series feature historic roots and stories of their popularity during the first half of the 1900s. Some of our most uniquely shaped instruments are part of this Vintage Line!

Within the Vintage Line, our -39 series has become a favorite of our Friends of Ohana, like Krabbers in the UK.  The all-solid mahogany, satin finish, and classic aesthetics make it the perfect companion for shows and backing up vocal performers.  It made good sense to extend this style into an all-solid koa build -- which offers a bit more punch than the mahogany build, but will maintain the warmth of tone that is so crucial to vocalists.

CK-390 and a UOT-24
The UOT-24 hardshell case is a perfect fit for this vintage style beauty


In 2021, we are excited to unveil our brand new CK-390 as a part of both our Vintage and Limited Edition lines.  Made in gorgeous all-solid koa, these instruments harken to the Martin 3K series first produced in the ‘golden era’ of ukulele in the 19-teens to 1920s.  We’ve chosen a satin finish and friction style tuning pegs to stay in step with this model’s vintage roots, and think it looks quite handsome sporting our UOT-24 case -- also made in a vintage style.

You’ll find solid maple binding and pergola set to contrast with the rich red-brown tones of the all-solid koa body.  Tightline details up the fretboard are offset by fret markets to either side at the 3rd, 5th, 7th, 10th, and 12th frets.  Those fret markers are echoed along the side of the fretboard to keep you on track while playing.  

CK-390 in the Bougainvillea

A close-up of the pergola


Those tightline details are further echoed at the purfling and rosette, giving this model plenty of visual interest -- with no help needed from a gloss finish or abalone inlays.  This ukulele sparkles all on her own with elegant and classic lines paired with a great voice.

Breathtaking tightline detail


As always, this ukulele will be carefully set up to bring out its very best sound, then lovingly packaged for delivery to our Authorized Ohana Dealers.  Once the ukulele makes it into your hands, we hope it becomes a treasured companion for making music and memories for a lifetime.

Abe takes us thru a demo on this new 2021 release!


Alex at Southern Ukulele Store helps compare the CK-39 & CK-390