June 30, 2021

The Ukulele Kids Club (UKC) is a wonderful organization that has transformed lives through the power of music for close to 10 years. Here is just one of those stories in action:



Not only does music help in lowering stress and anxiety, it also stimulates emotions, thought, and creativity -- all while bringing a smile to the player's face. Nowhere is this more true than at UKC, where teams of certified professionals utilize music therapy to brighten the lives of each child they work with.

It was clear right away that The UKC and Ohana were a good fit -- with shared core values of inspiring musical journeys, giving back, and helping youth, the foundation was already laid for meaningful collaboration and partnership.


Ohana has recently had the honor of partnering alongside The UKC as they celebrated a big milestone -- 10,000 ukes donated to 10,000 children worldwide!



From Marlén Rodriguez Wolfe, CEO of UKC and music therapist --

"We strive to teach medically fragile children how music can help them cope with the hard times and celebrate the good, how music can become a part of their wellness journey and help them lead healthier lives. By partnering with music therapy programs around the world, we know our ukuleles become a way for these kids to access this wellness whenever they need it."

"We chose the ukulele not only because of its small size, perfect for little hands in hospital beds but also because of how accessible it can be. Kids can get from zero to playing in under 20 minutes, which means they can get from playing to wellness quicker than with any other instrument."

"In my time as a music therapist, I personally saw these ukuleles change hearts and minds, taking the children down a different path in life. Many of them attribute the ukulele and the UKC with changing their lives and as young adults, choose to come back to give to other kids going through the same things they went through. Our vision is to transform lives through music, and the ukulele helps us achieve this in so many ways."


Learn more about The UKC and how you can become a supporter on their website, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


child with uke 1
child with uke 2 child with uke 3
Photos courtesy of the UKC


UKC Summer Jam

Coming soon -- Ohana artists The Lee Sisters and the UKC are putting on a virtual concert this month! Tune in to hear original songs, covers, and much more. Details below.

The Lee Sisters UKC Summer Jam!
Saturday, July 24th, 4:30pm PDT / 7:30pm EDT