April 18, 2017

   Mim has taken the stage with a unique blend of everything from oldies to rap, 80s classics to forgotten favorites, high energy grooves to rip-your-heart-out sad songs, but mainly concentrating on the forgotten gems of the 50s and 60s era.  Her set is a mix of sing-a-long smiles, humor, wait-I-remember-that-song moments, and occasionally a little dancing! Hailing from Floyd, VA on top of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Mim “brings a rare combination of tongue in cheek gangsta and southern charm”! She also brings her world famous expertise in ukulele setup and knowledge from 6 years as a ukulele dealer to workshops for a unique-to-Mim learning experience. 


   "I play Ohana Ukuleles because I love Ohana Ukuleles!  Every model has exceptional tone, build, and quality at their price-point.  Everything from the laminate beginner ukuleles to the limited edition specialty models possesses a tone, playability, and quality that surpasses other ukuleles in the same price point.  And most importantly, Ohana also provides the best true-to-tone instruments on the market.  Their mahogany models are warm, rich, and smooth; their spruce models are lively and punchy; their cedar is full-bodied and rich.  They also offer unique tonewood combinations to give you some unique tone choices. They are always innovating with different builds and vintage re-issues.  So there is an Ohana for everybody!  Whenever someone asks my opinion on what ukulele they should get, the first thing I say is, "You can't go wrong with an Ohana!"