August 11, 2023

Bernadette is a successful educator, artist, and an invaluable Friend of Ohana that we are honored to partner with. Check out some of her product demo videos on our YouTube channel here.



We have enjoyed witnessing Bernadette's popularity through her ever-growing online presence as a "Uke-tuber" on YouTube, Patreon, and other social media platforms. [Editor's note: Bernadette reached half a million subscribers on YouTube in July 2023!]


Bernadette also offers select ukuleles for sale on her online store, Ukelandia. For the past few years, she has chosen to carry the Ohana brand, and we could not be more proud. 


Among all of the Ohana models that she has tried, Bernadette’s current favorite is the Ohana TK-220G All-solid Mango Tenor.

“Even though I love many Ohana ukulele models, right now I'm playing the TK-220G the most! It has such a unique sound and addling a set of low G strings gave it warmth and depth.”


Best of all, Bernadette is a local artist, and the close proximity allows for more giveaways, collaborations, and sponsored events that help to enrich our ukulele community.


More about Bernadette:

Based in the heart of California’s sun-soaked Imperial Valley, Bernadette is an educator, YouTuber, and ukulele artist with a humble beginning uploading YouTube videos in her elementary music classroom in Okinawa, Japan. With a master's degree in education, a bachelor's degree in music, and a teaching credential, Bernadette has found her audience by creating content geared towards beginners yet easy for all ages to follow. She endorses Ohana Ukuleles to students worldwide out of recognition that Ohana has instruments for all levels, and for every step of their musical journeys.


Check Bernadette out on her website, Instagram, and YouTube!


What They Play: