August 02, 2023

Ohana carries a great variety of ukuleles you can choose from depending on your needs. We’ve picked out a handful of ukes we think shine, sparkle, and pop in different ways. Check them out below and grab one for the summer or any season you need a little light!

1. Quilted Eucalyptus

Our quilted Eucalyptus is our line of beautiful blonde tonewood. This all solid CK-450QEL has a high gloss finish that adds more shine to the already lustrous blonde tonewood.


2. Abalone Inlays 

These special inlays are found on our higher-end models, like this CK-370G all solid Koa ukulele. The shiny abalone around the sound hole–just like many of our ukuleles have–compliment the unique fretboard markers.


3. O'Nina

This 17-inch sopranissimo model has a beautiful texture made possible by the willow grain wood used for it.  And we’ve found that it has a way of sparkling in the sun. Ohana carries them in natural wood & colors like red, green, blue, and purple. The blue O’Nina shows it off, impeccably!



4. Sound Bright!

Our Vita series has a bright tone thanks to its solid spruce top and special body shape. Spruce tonewood is known for producing a bright sound so if you enjoy the higher spectral frequencies of tone, you’re in the right place. With the VKC-70, the pear-shape and double sound holes produce great acoustic amplification, giving that brightness an extra oomph.


With these various models, you are sure to shine just as bright as our ukuleles! Check with your nearest dealer for current availability.