October 27, 2023

Share the gift of music with your loved ones this holiday season.

This year, we’re featuring our newly debuted Ohana Custom Shop, with models featuring different themes and designs, and the same Ohana quality you know and love.



Ohana Custom Shop (OCS)

Featured above: PT-HONU Custom Tenor

     Ever wondered what lies beyond our most expensive Limited Edition solid koa production models? The answer is our top-of-the-line, Made-in-USA custom ukes! After years of development, we proudly introduced our OCS models in April 2023 at the NAMM Show. Each unit is handcrafted from start to finish in our Long Beach, California workshop, combining detailed and thoughtful designs with the finest woods and embellishments available. Shop from our available models or customize your own with our in-house luthier!

Visit this link to see everything OCS:

450 Koa Series

  The 450 Solid Koa Concert and Tenor are our top-of-the-line Koa models, notably built with a semi-gloss finish to allow the beauty and sound of the wood to shine through. Click the embedded link above to view the product page.


Ohana Guitars

   Back in 2020, we first introduced our TKG-20 Micro Guitar and TKGL-20 Guitarlele models, perfect for those looking to transition from guitar to ukulele or vice versa. Now with our brand-new short-scale guitar models, the collection is complete. These guitars are user-friendly and approachable, measuring in at 1/2 and 3/4 size that of standard acoustic guitars. And with the included deluxe padded gig bag, you can move around in safety with ease.

Click to view more on the GT-3A and GT-3C and contact your local Ohana dealer to get your own!


Merch Shop

     We've grown our Merch Shop this year! Check out the newest items available exclusively through the Merch tab at the top of this page, including ones made from solid wood right in our Long Beach workshop. Perfect gifts for the ukulele collector or percussionist in your life.




DIY Kits

     No gift guide would be complete without mention of our ever-popular DIY Kits, available in soprano, concert, pineapple concert, and tenor sizes. Designed with the artist in mind, this is where you can let your creativity fly before putting together your very own quality, playable instrument! All necessary parts come included with each kit, including strings, tuners, bridge, saddle, and nut. Some assembly required. Click here to see examples of past DIY creations!

Starter Packs

     Another staple since its inception in 2018 is the Ohana Starter Packs, available in soprano through tenor, including soprano color options. Complete with everything you need to get started playing ukulele in one box, these starter packs make for a perfect gift for students and beginners, young and old. Available through your local Ohana dealer!

Tiny Ukes


     The epitome of "stocking stuffers", the Ohana Tiny Ukes are attractive, portable, and great-sounding, all in one instrument. Clocking in at 17" and 19" inch scale length respectively, our Sopranissimo and Sopranino models are an even tinier alternative to the traditional 21" inch soprano. They make for fantastic photo opportunities too, as seen above. Choose from a variety of styles and colors!


Rhythm Line

     For the percussionist friend in your life, give the gift of rhythm with our full Rhythm Line! Between the acoustic-electric bass, shakers, bongos, and a stomp box, these ukulele-inspired instruments will keep your next jam groovy and on beat. New this year are the Ukestomp™ and Koa Shakerlele® mentioned earlier in this guide, available exclusively through our Merch Shop. For all other Rhythm instruments, contact your Ohana dealer!


     This beautiful all-solid-mahogany has become an all time favorite for many. This instrument has some eye-catching features to it, with its unique sound hole, beautiful inlay, and gloss-finish. The cut-away will allow easier access to the higher notes on the fretboard. Click here to see more details on this beauty!

Cynthia Lin

     Last but never least, our beloved Artist Series with ukulele superstar Cynthia Lin. With the introduction of the 25CL models last year, and the long-awaited tenor size, players and fans can now own a complete set of CL ukuleles. The 14CL, 25CL, and 35CG-CL, are all available with pre-installed pickup options through your Ohana dealer.
BONUS: click below for the exclusive 450CL Koa Signature model, only available online through this link!
Like what you see here? Our authorized dealers worldwide are here to help you find the Ohana ukulele that's just right for you. Click below to find your nearest dealer, or contact us for further assistance.