July 24, 2023

Josh Misko, an American-Canadian songwriter, producer, and CEO of Incubate Talent Group, provides us his top 5 essentials for touring with his Ohana ukulele:
  1. As far as must-haves with my uke, a pickup is a must-have for touring. Though some venues will mic a uke up if asked, it limits your ability to move on stage. So, I always have one installed and am grateful Louis and Ohana HQ has done it!
  2. A hard case is of course a must to protect your instrument!
  3. A capo, yes, you can of course play without a capo, but there is a vibe when playing a first position family of chords higher on the neck. Often, I prefer the sound of those capo'd chords over a bar chord version of them. It is case by case, but I always have one (or five!) capos floating around.
  4. Last and definitely not least, some backup strings, batteries, and a quality instrument cable. Strings and batteries are self-explanatory, but I feel many people just shrug off cables, when they have the ability to completely color the sound (or not work at all) if they are too cheap. Last thing you want is your cable to break connection on stage, and I've had that happen more times than I care to count!
  5. The most important thing, however, is simply a love for the ukulele, and a passion to play it! Play it, feel it, love it, Ohana!

Check out Josh's Ohana Session below:


Josh’s current uke–the Bari-Tenor® BKT-250G.


The Bari-Tenor® BKT-70G is also currently available.