February 28, 2018

Ohana is excited to unveil a special collaboration with ukulele artist and YouTube sensation Cynthia Lin to create a model for the discerning student. Introducing the Ohana Cynthia Lin Signature Ukulele!


ohana cynthia lin signature ukulele

   "I believe this instrument will encourage a beginner to practice and last well beyond the “starter” phase. I hope ukulele players of all levels enjoy playing the Ohana Cynthia Lin signature model!

Cynthia Lin

   The new Cynthia Lin Signature Ukulele is comprised of all-laminate Mahogany with black binding and open Grover geared tuners with black buttons.  A floral inlay in beautiful abalone on the 12th Fret echoes a plumeria often worn in Cynthia’s hair.  Worth brown strings in fluoro-carbon really allow this beauty to sing.


Model: CK-14CL  Arrival: End of May 2018

   Ohana decided to use the CK-14 model as a starting point-- it had the right sort of look and price point for a beginner’s ukulele. From there we worked closely with Cynthia to decide what hardware and design would be most meaningful for both her and her students. String choice, quality tuners, and Cynthia’s signature make for a ukulele that’s a blast to play, and enjoyable to look at as well.


Model: CK-14CL  Arrival: End of May 2018


Meeting Cynthia Lin

   “We first got to know Cynthia through our sponsorship of the LA International Ukulele Festival. She was kind enough to work with Ohana for a promotional video for the festival, featuring our SK-28. She was such a joy to watch teaching-- it was immediately apparent that her students have a great time while learning,” Ohana office manager, Stephanie Snell, details. “Later that year, Cynthia approached us about working together for a collaborative model for her students-- we were beyond delighted.  Inspiring people to enjoy music is something she is so very wonderful at, and a core tenet at Ohana.”

   "Especially for beginners, I can't stress enough how important it is to choose a ukulele that makes you excited to pick it up and play.  I believe anyone can play the ukulele and get in touch with his or her creative side. We all have an inner artist deep down waiting to be released. The ukulele is a simple and magical instrument that can be the start of your creative journey. With this in mind, I carefully chose features for the Ohana Cynthia Lin signature model. The warmth of the mahogany, the clarity of the upgraded strings, the geared tuners, and the floral inlay are custom details that provide great sound and style without breaking the bank. I believe this instrument will last well beyond the “starter” phase and hope that ukulele players of all levels will enjoy making music with it."

-Cynthia Lin


Watch this NAMM Facebook Live video to hear and see the Ohana Cynthia Lin Signature Ukulele in action!

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