March 01, 2018

   Ohana is proud to announce an upgraded version of our ABS ukulele case, the UCA series.  These new ABS ukulele cases are made of dense plastic that is both recyclable and resistant to chemical break down.  Additionally, ABS is a plastic praised for its toughness and resistance to impact even at disparate temperatures (-4 to 176 degrees F). It's the perfect material for a travel case--lightweight but strong!



  The new and improved abs ukulele cases feature a bevy of upgraded options.  The UCA cases include stabilizing ‘feet’ to store the case on edges and include an upgraded hinge and fastener materials.  The included strap is easily attachable for a shoulder carry option.

   "I think my favorite feature of the new cases, are their interior! It is so cozy and soft--just perfect for a ukulele to ‘rest’ in. Since they don’t feature the ‘hairy’ style of fabric lining, they don’t shed or get caught in the ukulele’s hardware."

- Stephanie Snell



   The new UCA ukulele cases are made and molded to fit Ohana Ukuleles and come in three colors: Black & white checkered pattern, red & white checkered pattern, and traditional black.

Available Through Authorized Ohana Dealers!