October 10, 2022

Ukuleles in Pineapple Mango -- Is there a sweeter combination?

At Ohana, our ‘big kahuna’ from our pineapple offerings has been the wonderfully voiced PKT-220G tenor. If you haven’t heard this unique ukulele, do yourself a solid and check out the demo from the talented Abe Lagrimas, Jr. below:

We have always been big fans of the pineapple body shape here at Ohana. There is something about that ‘open floor plan’ body that allows for superb projection, without getting too bite-y with the attack. Our all-solid pineapples are some of the greatest sounding ukes for their cost on the market.

Luckily, the team at Ohana were not the only folks with a soft spot for these fun shaped instruments. We’ve been beyond happy with all of the wonderful support out there for all our pineapple ukes – now proudly offered from “Teeny Tiny” sopranissimo size all the way up to tenor scale.


We are now excited to introduce the brand new PKC-220G in all-solid mango with a concert scale and high gloss finish. Made in the same exacting detail of our tenor PKT-220G, this model features elegant abalone rosette and body binding. The Grover geared tuners and Aquila strings tie it all together, and our quality Ohana setup will have you ready to play after tuning her up.

A great add-on for this ukulele is the fitted pineapple hard case, UCP-24 for the concert, or UCP-27 for the tenor. These cases are made to specially fit the Ohana Pineapple series, and help maintain proper humidity when used with a humidifier. Especially for those in climates that experience seasonal change, a case is a great way to protect your musical investment.


Manic for mango, but not so sold on a pineapple? Check out our NEW standard-body CK-220G and TK-220G. These ukes offer the same all-solid body in glossy mango, with plenty of abalone to compliment the natural graining. Check out this sweet demo from our good friend, Abe:

Whichever of these sweet models steals your heart, be sure to check out your local Authorized Ohana Dealer to secure yours today!