May 29, 2018

UCS Deluxe Soft Case in Faux Leather

   Our violin-style cases are a great way to protect the investment on your ukulele. These deluxe soft cases in faux leather feature a dense foam that provides more protection than any other soft case option in our line.



   The interior of the case is lined in a soft fabric, sure to give your ukulele-baby a sound night’s rest. The Ohana UCS-XX deluxe soft cases are equipped with well-padded mesh straps for easy, backpack-style carrying during an international adventure, or travel to your local jam. The chunky, super-padded handle makes hand-carrying a comfortable endeavor as well.



   Chromed black metal hardware keep in line with the bag’s luxe style, while maintaining maximum functionality. A spacious zippered pocket is perfect for carrying your favorite accessories.



  A loop for hanging the case is perfect for keeping your instrument out of harm’s way, and off suspicious surfaces (like public bathroom floors!).



Now available in sporty bright yellow, and sultry violet!




Available Through Authorized Ohana Dealers!