January 29, 2019

In the last few years, Ohana has been proud to introduce a number of new models featuring the pineapple body shape. These sweet sounding pineapple ukuleles come in a number of wood types, finishes, and appointments suitable for anyone with good taste!

What makes these beauties sound so sweet?

The shape of the pineapple body produces a naturally fuller tone, as the sound chamber is unencumbered by a ‘waist’. This allows for an uninhibited path for sound to travel to your audience. It also means the characteristics of the soundboard choice are magnified, so a solid spruce top pineapple shape is an excellent choice for punchy projection.

Side by side comparison of pineapple shape vs classic ‘waist’ shape

PK & PKC-10: All Laminate Mahogany Pineapple

A favorite amongst our Brazilian base, this starter ukulele offers a fantastic volume for an affordable price. The soprano version was so popular, we brought the concert into the series for those that prefer a larger scale. Its larger pineapple body chamber adds even more projection to this concert size instrument.

Ohana PK-10

TTPK, TPK, PK & PKC-25G: All Solid Mahogany Pineapples

One of the original Ohana ukulele lines, the -25G pineapple series features all-solid Mahogany with full rich tones and sustains incredibly well. The high-gloss finish complements the grain of the Mahogany, and brings out the figuring within the striations of color. Grover geared tuners make bringing your strings to pitch a breeze, but the crowning glory of this model is the unique headstock. This fun and unique feature echoes our original Ohana logo and soundhole label; as well as the pineapple fruit itself.

These great ukuleles are now available in sizes Teeny Tiny Sopranissimo (TTPK-), Tiny Sopranino (TPK-),  Standard Soprano (PK-), and Concert Scale (PKC-).

Ohana -25G Pineapple Series

PKC-50G: All Solid Cedar/Mahogany Concert Pineapple

One of the three models exclusively available in concert scale, the all-solid PKC-50G is finished in high gloss. The solid Cedar top is inlaid with multi-hued abalone along the body and headstock, as well as at the rosette. The back and sides are comprised of solid Mahogany, allowing for sweet mellow tones that sustain.

Ohana PKC-50G

TTPK, TPK, PK & PKC-70G: All Solid Spruce/ Mahogany Pineapple

An all-solid build in Spruce and Mahogany, these ukuleles have been a favorite of Ohana customers since their launch in 2017. The -70G series features an abalone inlay from the crown of the headstock to the tip of the bottom bout. Trust us when we say that this series is far more than just a pretty face. The solid Spruce top allows for maximum projection, tempered by the richness of Premium Mahogany.

Image Source: Cynthia Kinnunen via Instagram


A favorite of Friend of Ohana, Cynthia Kinnunen, the TTPK-70G is one sweet and sultry sounding Sopranissimo. The Spruce top helps offset the smaller size to keep the projection of this uke on-point.


Short Run Productions: PKC-150SMP & PKC-250G

Two of our pineapple series were short-lived variants, due to demand or availability of raw materials. If you see one of these models in the wild, you’ve found a rare ukulele— as we only made a single production run of each.

Ohana PKC-150SMP


The PKC-150SMP is a sister to our classic CK-150SMP in Spalted Maple. Featuring a slightly arched back, these ukuleles are a bit of a surprise as they project nearly as well as our -70G series. Ohana decided to bring these to the market in a concert scale, as the large body shape allows for maximum display of the inherent graining. A simple and elegant abalone rosette adds to the play of the natural variations in color displayed in spalted maple.

Ohana PKC-250G 


A Limited Edition model, the PKC-250G is our only pineapple featuring a slotted headstock. This concert scale pineapple is all-solid in Spruce and Acacia, with rich wood binding and a unique red rosette.  A high-gloss finish and chrome Grover gears round out this shining example of our pineapple study.



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