November 04, 2021

All Solid Concert with Cutaway

The perfect companion for musical adventures

While this model isn’t unheard of, we think the revamp of our all solid CK-60CG has turned out stunningly.  With an all solid mahogany build, soft cutaway, and Worth strings -- this pretty concert scale ukulele is sure to turn heads.

At Ohana, we love our all-solid mahogany.  This tonewood has been a go-to for ukulele building since the instrument first came to be and is one of the only wood types appropriate for a complete instrument build.  The tone of mahogany is rich and complex, with good mid to bass tones -- making this instrument a great choice for those who like to accompany vocal work.  As a solid mahogany instrument is played, its tone will become more rich and resonant over time. 

To further compliment the rich tone of the all-solid mahogany body, we’ve chosen to pair this ukulele with Worth brown strings from Japan.  These strings are well known for their excellent quality and mellow, melodic tone.

For the re-release of this Ohana favorite, we’ve chosen a dark tone hardwood binding that really compliments the gloss finish and mahogany body.  These models do not have purfling at the top and back, to allow the two components to compliment one another.

For the advanced player, we’ve carried over the soft cutaway for easy access to the higher frets.  No chord will be out of reach!  A lovely patterned inlay adorns the top of this instrument at either side of the soundhole.  

For an instrument with a voice every bit as fetching as its style, look no further than the CK-60CG!  Available now, through your friendly local Authorized Ohana Dealer.