October 06, 2021

7 Things To Mark Off Your Ohana Uke Check List

We are into the 4th quarter of 2021! Have you reached your ukulele goals for this year? 

At Ohana, we have a couple of suggestions for your 2021 Uke To-Do Checklist. These suggestions will keep you connected and encouraged to learn, improve, and have fun on your uke journey.

1. Buy an Ohana Ukulele, support your nearest dealer.

We are an ukulele brand that believes in supporting small businesses. You won’t find our ukes in big box stores because we know the important role our authorized dealers play in their respective uke communities. They know their way around an ukulele and are, most likely, very close to their local uke and music community. Not only do you get a great-sounding, quality-made ukulele for any budget, you support our dealers and the community they also support. Which is YOU! Check your nearest dealer today!


2. For beginners...

Go through our easy tutorials by Jon MacLennan where you are introduced to the ukulele anatomy, strumming, major scales and more. 7 quick lessons that will help get you started on your ukulele journey. Enjoy, below!


3. Learn a new song.

Abe Lagrimas Jr.'s uke tutorial of the Ohana jingle created by Keahi Rozet is a must-learn! It is a song after our own heart. We hope you love it, too.


4. Join an Uke group.

Find one in your area or online. We all need more friends who can play the ukulele. It helps to have peers who love the uke as much as you do. That way, it’s easier to stay motivated to continue learning and improving your uke skills. Or to just keep strumming! And if you post a question, you will often be met with an insightful, caring answer from another member. There are many great Facebook groups for uke lovers. And we have one, too! Join our group of Ohana lovers on Facebook by clicking below: 

5. Do an uke challenge.

If you've joined a group, chances are there will be invites to all kinds of uke challenges that are fun and will improve your strum or uke knowledge. For example, Cynthia Lin and her annual 100 days of uke encourages folks to strum one song for 100 days (with breaks in between). It keeps you strumming and the more you strum, the better you get! They don't call it a challenge for nothing.



6. Attend or host an uke jam.

Not everyone has an uke but everyone can jam. So if you have one, ask your friends to join you for a fun time! It’s like a mix of karaoke sing-along and live music. Bring ukes, bongoleles®, shakerleles®, your voice, and any other instrument to add to the pot. At Ohana, we try to be mindful of our current safety protocols during these times, so if you can’t do an in-person uke jam, there are many great options for online uke jams. Like this Ohana Uke Jam with Devin Scott! You can play it back and play-along.


devin scott ohana uke jam still with pink background and scrolling text

7. Learn an intermediate technique.

Ready to tune up your skills? Up the difficulty level and challenge yourself to a new strum technique like the one below with Jonas Loi. There is always something new to learn so check out our tutorials on YouTube.



If you check these off your list, you are sure to improve your uke skills and grow your ukulele family, in due time. Enjoy! Let us know how you do by commenting under the above videos and in our FB group.