November 03, 2022

Give the gift of music with Ohana Ukuleles this year! At Ohana, we have gifts for every player -- from the novice to the virtuoso.


Ohana Starter Ukes

10 series - Do not sleep on our starter ukes and starter packs! Our SK-10 starter ukes are well-built laminate models that are super durable and easy on your wallet. The -10 series is a great place to begin, before putting down some serious cash on something in a special tonewood or style. We get it! And that’s why the starter pack is our gateway uke, so to speak. Still great sound, playability, and look. We’re proud to be the gateway to the world of ukulele for those new to music and stringed instruments. 



Ohana DIY kits


Do you love ukuleles and are feeling a little handy? Express yourself creatively with a DIY project in epic uke proportions! Even better, you can do it on your own or together with family and friends. Whether you want to paint, stain, or get even more crafty, the sky's the limit! Learn more about the Ohana DIY kits for a good time this holiday season. 



-32 Series

There’s just something about the semi-gloss finish that sets this uke aglow. This brand new model from Ohana also features a cool  feather fretboard inlay and is made in all-solid mahogany.
We think this uke has a nice lightness for easy handling and will be sure to bring years of musical enjoyment to this year’s festivities. 

 Find out why one of our dealers thinks we have a new crowd favorite here.

 New! Cynthia Lin Signature -25CL

Cynthia Lin and Ohana Uke fans rejoice! We have a brand NEW model to add to this Artist Series – and just in time for the 2022 holiday! Introducing the CK and TK-25CL (and -25CLE with passive pickup installed). Her first solid-top option and a great step-up from the CK-14CL.

Learn more about these latest additions to the Cynthia Lin Signature Series, and our first official CL Signature tenor scale uke! Read more here.


Ohana Rhythm Line

Ohana’s Rhythm Line is where we host our bass and percussion instruments! Ukuleles are amazing on their own, but we made sure our ukes are surrounded by love and support, just like family. These additions to your uke collection are just the thing to keep the party going in style. Learn more about the Ohana Bass, and Shakerlele and Bongolele.



Merch Shop

Introducing new branded accessories from our workshop at HQ! Our shop still has all the Ohana gear you know and love (a selection of bags, notebooks, educational and activity books, plus tees and caps!). And now we’ve added handcrafted wooden accessories made right here in Long Beach, CA for even more ukulele support. Check out the goods over in our merch shop.



 Limited Edition But Make It Laminate!

QEL Series - Our limited edition ukuleles use rarer tonewoods, high-gloss shine, and sparkly abalone inlays. But why let the all-solids have all the fun? Over time, Ohana has created some striking laminates, like our quilted eucalyptus concert CK-150QEL. It looks just like its all-solid counterpart CK-450QEL but at half the price! And don’t let it being laminate fool you, this sweet uke has a voice every bit as pretty as it looks. This is Ohana, after all, and we stand by the quality, playability, and value of each uke. Find out how one sounds in the hands of our Ohana friend here.



We've got Koa options

We’re working on some great new Koa options but we also have current Limited Edition Koa models that are sure to get your attention!


What’s the difference between -350G, -370G, and -570G? The higher the model number, the more pronounced the aesthetic flame, texture, and look of the tonewood.

You can’t go wrong with any of these choices, but it's best to make sure you’re on the ‘nice’ list this year if you want one in your holiday stocking!



A Growing Family of Mango


At the time of this publication, all of our mango stock is with our dealers! Please check on availability through your trusted authorized Ohana dealer. Also check out our newly-minted family of solid Mango and the various sizes and shapes they come in by listening to the demos on the blog, here!

  A Limited Edition You Need To Have

An ukulele with big blonde ambitions! One of our longest running Limited Editions is the -75CG series. With its bright personality, it's no wonder this fun ukulele is turning heads. Made in all solid spruce and pretty flamed maple, this uke sports a voice to match its stage presence. We’ve carried this model for a while but it doesn’t get much fanfare. However, it is from our Limited Edition collection and deserves a nice reminder. Listen to a short sound sample by one of our trusted dealers.

And also, check out …


 A Pineapple In Every Size


Love the well-rounded, fuller sound of a pineapple uke? You’re in luck because Ohana boasts a wide variety of pineapples in different sizes and tonewoods, from our world-renowned tiny uke sopranissimos and sopraninos, all the way to tenor scale. Check out our blog all about our pineapples. 

We've reached the end of our list but we want to send you off with a demo of one of our popular ukuleles this season: The PKT-70G Solid Spruce Top Pineapple Tenor by Ohana artist Lorenzo Vignando aka Ukulollo. Enjoy!



We wish everyone a safe, happy, and musical holiday season, and look forward to ringing in 2023 with music and aloha.

Mele Kalikikama, from our ‘ohana to yours!