July 18, 2017

   Ohana had the pleasure to work with Ohana Club Sunday, a local event that promotes island music and culture. Created by Sandwich Islands Network, the event features live music and internet radio, hosted at the Hong Kong Garden Ohana Club room in Torrance, California. The event is held on a monthly basis serving up Sunday lunches and music by different local musicians.


About the Organizers

   The Sandwich Islands Network is a radio organization who support, aid and celebrate - cultural organizations, local musicians, artists and foundations systemic to the Pacific Islands and communities. They encourage, create, promote and support efforts in the form of workshops and events that educate both young and old in the community in areas of concern such as health, finances and personal achievement and growth.


Ohana and Ohana Club Sunday

   We met Kamaka Brown, the producer for Ohana Club Sunday and one of the founders of The Sandwich Islands Network, during Winter NAMM'17 and have been working together ever since. We are proud to be sponsors of such an exciting event! Be sure to check out their events page to stay up to date with future events and guests! Below is a glimpse of what to expect at Ohana Club Sunday!