July 18, 2017

   Aolani Kaeka stopped by our headquarters earlier this year, to play a live event that we streamed on our Facebook page. Going by AOLANI, the group is an acoustic ensemble of  traditional and contemporary Hawaiian music that consists of  3 members - Aolani Kaeka (singer), Mauro Quibin (bassist) and Lowell Edgar (guitarist).  Aolani sings in many styles and genres such as Country, Blues, Folk, Jazz, and of course Hawaiian. Her works include opening for many wonderful performers both from Hawaii and from the mainland. She joined forces with Mauro Quibin in 2014 to release "Funny Love". This was just the start of their musical adventures! Mauro Quibin's career started at an early age as a high school graduate, playing local venues in southern California.  He started out covering Classic Rock and expanded to Contemporary Jazz and Blues.  His early studio work was with producer and engineer Art Munson. Currently Mauro is involved in several after school enrichment programs teaching and mentoring children.   Below is preview of what went down during their live performance at Ohana HQ!



Ohana Interviews Aolani Kaeka


Aolani talks about how she came across Ohana Ukuleles and why she likes the 5-string tenor, TK-35G-5E.

Browse the instrument she plays! TK-35G-5E:




   Mauro Quibin, bassists for Aolani Kaeka, talks about why he chose to play the Ohana OBU-22. Browse the Ohana Acoustic Compact Bass—the OBU-22:


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