March 09, 2023

Julie Davila shared her take on what "Ohana" means to her with this creative design on our concert DIY Kit. We can't help but say #ILoveMyOhana whenever we see you doing great things in the community. Check out this fun in-process video and scroll down for the final results to this masterpiece. Completed with the help of our in-house luthier, Brad!

We met Julie in 2019 through our high-vibing Ohana artist, Zander Waves. Julie created a custom-painted uke for Zander in celebration of his new music and he was able to give that away to a lucky fan!

[Photo courtesy of Julie Davila - Zander giveaway ukulele] 

So we couldn't help but ask Julie to do an ukulele for us, based on what "ohana" means to her.

In Julie's words:

"You asked what Ohana meant to me and there is no better representation than a family of tiki heads. Growing up, my family has always decorated our house with carved and painted tikis. When I think of tikis, I think about my family and their love for them. That is probably why I paint them so often!  

For the ukulele, I would paint a family of happy tiki heads at the bottom, plumerias lining the sides and Ohana spelled in letters that have a wooden look. All on a background of a California sunset."

- Julie Davila/ Flamingo Creative Design


Julie asked us to help put the finishing touches on this DIY. So that's what we did! Her design was so beautiful, we wanted to make sure it was preserved properly with a nice finish. We sprayed it down with a couple of nice coats and strung it up with love. This was all done in our Ohana Workshop by our in-house luthier (Thanks, Brad!). Check out the final look below! 

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