April 21, 2017

   The NEW Ohana DIY Kits have finally arrived!  With the DIY Ukulele Kits you can personalize your ukulele in any number of ways giving you the chance to a create a model that matches your personality and personal tastes! Explore the many possibilities this Kit offers!



   The Kits are available in soprano and concert size and they each come unfinished, and only partially assembled providing you with the perfect base to create an instrument that is as distinctive as you are! The kits also come with bridge guides, saving you the hassle of finding the appropriate location for your bridge. (If the bridge is misaligned, it can cause tuning problems.)

Each Kit includes:
  • 4 tuners (2L + 2R)
  • 1 bridge
  • Strings
  • 1 saddle
  • 1 nut
  • 1 bridge decoration
  • 4 bushings
  • 3 black screws (for bridge)
  • 8 silver wood screws

  These Kits are the ideal gift to get someone started on the ukulele or whether you want to transform a uke that matches you, or even as a personalized gift for someone special! The choices are endless! Get inspired and order one from your nearest dealer now!


Available Through Authorized Ohana Dealers!


Your Kit didn't come with instructions? Download them here: