April 30, 2024

The Ohana TKG-20, the micro guitar that is winning over the hearts of musicians. We discuss its features and functionalities, as well as its sound quality and finishing. Don't miss the opportunity to find out why the Ohana TKG-20 is the perfect choice for musicians looking for a portable and versatile instrument.


Mayki Fabiani hails from the city of São Paulo, Brazil. His educational background includes a bachelor's degree in composition, and a master's degree in Education, Art, and History of Culture from the Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie in São Paulo. He is also a specialist in Brazilian guitar.

Mayki has worked with various artists such as Brazilian guitarist Kiko Loureiro, Brazilian singer Chico César, and Mexican singer Dulce Maria. Within music education, he promotes extensive discussion regarding Brazilian popular music and researches the intricacies of popular music aesthetics.

In addition to being a musician, arranger, and producer, Mayki is a guitar instructor at one of Brazil's most renowned cultural institutions, the Social Service of Commerce (Sesc).

" I am thrilled to join the Ohana family, where we can together spread the importance and joy of playing a musical instrument. Whether you play the ukulele or the guitar, we will walk hand in hand along the paths of music. Count on me, and remember: Ohana means 'Family'.

About TKG-20 and GT-3C: 
I'm impressed with the capabilities of the TKG-20 and GT-3C. Besides excellent playability, the tones are striking, with a lot of presence and richness in harmonics. I also can't fail to mention the beautiful finish that each of them has. In summary: Comfort, sound quality, and beauty. Excellent work, Ohana."

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