July 18, 2023

We feel the reciprocal love from Brazil and it's all thanks to Ohana dealer JRS Music and Ohana artist João Tostes. Now we introduce another reason why we love this country! 

Jonas Loi is a Brazilian musician from São Paulo, composer and teacher of ukulele, and has been playing since 2016. He started playing Ukulele after watching some videos on YouTube and by his words, "I was enchanted by the sound and the various possibilities that the instrument could offer."

He was introduced to Ohana after watching some of João's Ohana-related videos. It led Jonas to purchase an Ohana TK-20CE which put him on the path to ukulele excellence.

Jonas has participated in many music projects, programs, and festivals over the years, such as the "Third Brazilian Ukulele Festival" and the Latin "Ukulelada" festival. But 2019 was a great year for him! He was one of the winners of the "National Contest of Toca Ukulele" run by João. The category was instrumental authorial and through Toca Ukulele, Jonas presented a playthrough of the song "Time to Return". It's the first Brazilian metal song on the ukulele!

After proving his expertise, he returned the following year as a judge for the same contest. The "cherry on top" for that year was that he also had the huge honor of sharing the stage with some of the greatest musicians of Brazil and the world (Rafael Bittencourt - Angra), (Bruno Valverde - Angra) and (João Tostes).

In 2020, he has been extremely busy with many important projects for the Brazilian ukulele community (besides the aforementioned). He is in charge of Toca Ukulele São Paulo, where he manages uke-related events in the country's main state. He is also featured on João's instrumental album "Live Ukulele Here, There & Everywhere". Jonas also created "Ukulele from the Beginning", where he teaches ukulele lessons to over 60 people. And this year's Brazilian Ukulele Festival had him involved as musician, teacher, and organizer.

He plans to complete what he claims is his most ambitious project, yet! Stay tuned for his upcoming work "Ashes". Why is it ambitious? He is working on two tracks that push the ukulele's sound into some extremely virtuous and complex areas. We can't wait and Ohana looks forward to what Jonas has in store for us in 2021!

Stay in the know by following his socials: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube.

 (all images courtesy of Jonas Loi) 



"Its combination of woods leaves its sound extremely sweet and pleasant, I have a great attachment to it because it was the Ukulele that taught me to play and brought me to where I arrived today." -Jonas Loi