April 24, 2019

A truly innovative and unique instrument— the Ohana BKT-70G offers a baritone body with a booming voice while its tenor scale maintains the classic GCEA ukulele tuning.

Ohana BKT-70G Tenor Scale Baritone


Baritone ukuleles are typically tuned to the first four strings of a guitar, or DGBE (counting from the 4th string down, standard guitar tuning). This makes them a great bridge instrument between guitar and uke— and the preferred scale of many guitar players that have taken up the smaller instrument, as the extra room of the fretboard, spacing, and voice are more similar to the guitar.

" Not only does the BKT-70G look classy, it also solves the problem for players who favor the tone of a baritone instrument yet prefer to play in the traditional GCEA tuning. "
-Ken Middleton

Including a baritone in any ukulele crew adds depth and richness to the piece, but not everyone is inclined to learn the new chord shapes involved with making the big jump from soprano, concert, or tenor sizes. In enters the BKT-70G— the baritone shaped body allows for more projection, sustain, and bass tones, while the tenor scale of the neck maintains the same fingering as a classic ukulele.


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We’ve sourced a solid spruce top to complement the projection inherent from the larger body. Cream binding and tight-line purfling match the solid top to its mahogany back and sides.

A sweet floral inlay adorns the fretboard at the 12th fret for a touch of sparkle without detracting from the unique beauty of this cool new instrument. Shining high gloss reflects with a mirror-like finish to complement Grover chrome geared tuners and an open slotted headstock that echos the look of a classic guitar.


According to some, the slotted headstock allows for better intonation, due to the angle at which the strings strike the nut.

This new model has a warm resonant voice sure to charm your audience. Check one out at your local Authorized Ohana Dealer today!

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