September 09, 2019

The luxury edition of our Bari-Tenor is finally here!

The new BKT-250G is a pleasure to play and a delight to any arrangement.



First debuted at NAMM in 2018, the key to bringing this ukulele into the market was in responsibly sourcing the all-solid acacia back and sides. Acacia is part of the same family of trees that includes koa, which is prized for its beauty and prowess as an acoustic stringed instrument tonewood. Which is why you can expect the back and sides of the BKT-250G to lend additional sustain and to temper the brightness of the solid spruce top.


BKT-250G Acacia back and sides


We’ve chosen a solid spruce top for this instrument to compliment the bassier tones of the baritone body, lending brightness and levity to this serious instrument. The high quality spruce top will open and mellow as the uke is played and should be a delight for generations.


BKT-250G Spruce top


As part of the Ohana BKT line, the BKT-250G features a tenor scale neck which ensures your fingers are right where they need to be. It’ll be a breeze to modify this model with a low-G for an even deeper voice. Your local ukulele club or jam session will love the full and bass-y tones of this unique instrument!

Many players struggle with wanting a deeper sound from their ukulele, but not having enough time to learn new chord shapes that are part and parcel of playing the baritone scale. While soprano, concert and tenor scale ukuleles are generally tuned to GCEA, a baritone’s tuning will be like that of a guitar— DGBE. This also means that 2 of the 4 strings are normally wound, rather than nylon/fluorocarbon,  which can be difficult for tender fingers of youth or senior players due to the extra tension. Luckily, the Ohana BKT-250G is the perfect solution for those issues.



Check out one of these special ukes and add a little bass to your ensemble— available at your local Authorized Ohana Dealer today!

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