Ohana Short Scale Ukulele Case DB-xxBK

A soft case for our tiny ukuleles!  
The Ohana DB-xxBK is a short scale ukulele case for our sopranissimo and sopranino ukuleles. At the perfect size to hold our short scale ukuleles, the DB-xxBK features adjustable removable straps with a side handle that is reinforced with a non-slip grip. The interior is padded with an attractive and plush light blue-gray velvet fabric, that is soft and gentle on the instrument but sturdy enough to provide protection.


  • Deluxe soft case for Ohana sopranissimo models (O’Nino, O’Nina) and sopranino models
  • Durable 600D denier-count polyester exterior fabric
  • Reinforced seam and sides for extra strength and fit
  • Adjustable padded shoulder strap
  • Reinforced handle with non-slip grip
  • Plush grey padded interior
  • Black with white embroidered Ohana logo

Available Sizes:


DB-17 BK

Size: Fits all Ohana sopranissimo models
List Price: $35


DB-19 BK
Size: Fits all Ohana sopranino models
List Price: $35