Ohana Custom Shop - About Us

Welcome to the Ohana Custom Shop! I am excited to share about our latest project in instrument creation.


Ohana’s mission since its inception in 2006 has always been about bringing great-sounding acoustic instruments to the players.  These instruments are made under strict guidelines and supervision in our overseas factories and shipped to our headquarters in Long Beach, California, where the final set-up and quality control is performed.

For many years we have wanted to have a custom shop in our ownheadquarters where the instruments are fully designed and manufactured in the USA.  Our technical staff consists of musicians, instrument builders, designers, and fine artists, who have been developing and building one-of-a-kind instruments that combine our knowledge and passion in tone wood selection, acoustic instrument-building, and artistic creation.  This level of expertise and passion for creating the next level of instruments prompted us to start this project, and all of us at Ohana are thrilled with our new endeavor. 

In the Ohana Custom Shop you will find several categories of hand-built products.  The Deluxe Line combines top-quality tone woods along with unique design features.  Each instrument is designed to highlight the wood chosen for the build, as well as elevate their custom details.  The next category is our Premium Limited, where unique and desirable woods are incorporated into the build, often with a thematic design which can vary in complexity, visual weight, and material.  These are unique instruments that combine the best of sound, quality, and visual presentation into one.  From conceptual design to intricate inlay work, these instruments can take weeks to finish, but when complete, is an instrument that is truly special and timeless.  In the Custom Exclusives section, you will find a selection of one-of-a-kind and exceptional tone woods we have collected over the years.  These are unique sets available in our collection, where you can select and work with our in-house artists to develop your ideas and to create a truly special instrument.  

Every instrument from the Ohana Custom Shop is conceptually designed and built in-house at our workshop.  The shop, and the design philosophy behind it, is a mix of traditional techniques and tools, combined with modern equipment and innovation.  The jigs and molds needed to make the instruments are all custom-designed by our luthier and made specifically for the shop.   From laser-cut kerfing and bracing, to CNC-milled necks, fretboards, and bridges, everything is done from scratch.

So come and explore the Ohana Custom Shop, and check back for more custom instruments we will soon be showcasing.  Let us know what your dream instrument is.  Perhaps we can brainstorm, design, and experience the journey together to make your dream come true. 

Louis Wu