Vintage Line TK-35-10 All-Solid Mahogany 'Tiple'

Strings, strings, and more strings! For the player who just can’t get enough of strings, the Ohana 10-string “Tiple” gives those fluttering fingers a proper workout. This vintage re-issue would not be complete without an extra-sturdy build to handle all of its strings, and all-solid mahogany in a satin finish rounds out the instrument’s classic look.

The Ohana 10-string is tuned gG-CcC-EeE-AA, with a low-g, a low-c in between double course C, a low-e in between double course E, and double course A.

Bags/cases that fit this ukulele:

Top: Solid Mahogany
Back & Sides: Solid Mahogany

10-String Tenor - a Vintage Reproduction of the Columbian Tiple
10 Steel Strings in Four Courses of 2, 3, 3, 2

Fretboard & bridge: Hardwood
Inlays: Sound-hole Rosette in black/white/black
Top & Back Purfling in white/black/white
Fret Markers: Pearloid Dot Inlay Markers on Frets # 5, 7 & 10
Pearloid Side Markers on Frets # 5, 7, 10 & 12
Tuners: Open Geared
Nut & Saddle: Bone 
Finish: Satin
Frets : 12 Frets to Body; Total 18 Frets
Strings: GHS Steel Strings, Tuned to G3 G4 - C4 C3 C4 - E4 E3 E4 - A4 A4
Electronics: N/A

Tenor TK-35-10 (MSRP $599) : Scale Length = 17”,Body Length = 12”,Overall Length = 27-1/2”,Upper Bout Width = 6-3/4”,Lower Bout Width = 9-1/8”,Body Height = 3-3/4”,Overall Body Height = 4-3/8” (including bridge & saddle),Nut Width = 1-1/2”

Available Through Authorized Ohana Dealers!