Ohana Custom Shop: Multi-wood Wooden Tray

Here comes another hand-crafted project straight from our Custom Shop!
The Ohana Custom Wooden Tray is perfect for your small items that you want to keep track of. Its uses are as varied as the wood used to craft this item!

Storage Dimensions: 5-7/8" x 2-5/8" x 1/2"

Curious how these trays are made? Our luthier makes each one using the following multi-step process: 

Base Piece
Select a variety of solid woods that are also used in our custom instruments (i.e. koa, spruce, cedar, mahogany, redwood, maple, walnut, ebony). Cut each piece of wood to a slightly different thickness; drum-sanded on both sides for even flatness. Next, arrange the woods in a pattern that accents the variety in color, then glue and clamp together for an hour until dry. Once fully dry, cut off excess length and width and drum sand the complete piece flat again.

Select and cut 4 pieces for the sides and drum sand flat to measurements. Test fit onto the top of the base, then glue and clamp for an hour until dry.

CNC Machining
(The tray's shape and structure are first designed and programmed with a 3D software) First clamp tray to CNC table. Run the adaptive (roughing) pass, then run the parallel (clean up) pass. After a few hours, remove tray from CNC table and prep the unit for sanding.

Sanding, Laser, Finishing
Sand off machining marks from surface, go up to 220 grit paper. Round off sharp edges and smooth everything out.  Set the program for the laser machine; using an in-house jig, laser engrave the Ohana logo into the base of the tray. The two long sides of the tray each also receive an engraved logo. The piece is then flipped over to engrave the maker's mark.  Next sand the tray lightly to remove laser residue.  Wipe down and spray with 3 to 4 coats of water-based polyurethane. Sand lightly between coats until the desired surface finish is reached.

*Each unit produced will vary somewhat in the woods used and resulting visual pattern.