Ohana's 3-in-1 metro-tuner! A metronome, chromatic tuner, and tone generator all in one. 
  • Multi-function metronome
  • Full-range chromatic tuner
  • Large LCD with built-in microphone
  • Volume knob and headphone jack
  • Batteries and pickup cable included

[METRONOME TUNER] The metronome tuner is powered by AAA batteries.

[3 IN 1 Device] A metronome, tuner, and tone generator, all housed in a pocket-sized device that can be used for most instruments with three ways to pick up sound: microphone pickup, pickup clip (included), and instrument cable direct pickup.

[Accurate Tuner With Range] Fast and accurate tuner boasts a tuning accuracy of 1 cent and A4 tuning range of 410-490Hz.

[Metronome] With tempo range of 30-280bpm, beats 0-9, and 7 different rhythms, this electronic metronome will improve your timing in a rich variety of musical styles. Adjustable volume and headphone jack makes it easy to practice in your preferred environment.

[Easy to Read Screen] Equipped with large LCD screen and LED indicator making it very user friendly, even in a dark environment.