Ohana Ukuleles UB-XX Hawaiian Print Gig Bag

Stylize your your instrument with our Hawaiian print UB bags!  
  • 10mm dense foam padding
  • Black or Tan nylon exterior with Ohana embroidered logo on the side
  • Secure zippered front pocket with Hawaiian print fabric
  • Quality construction with durable zippers, handle and seam reinforcement
  • Double back-pack style padded and adjustable shoulder straps
  • Hawaiian prints available in Red (RD), Blue (BL), & Surf Patterns (SF)
Available Sizes:

UB-21 SF/ GN
Size: Fits all Ohana standard SK- & PK- (pineapple shaped) sopranos
Color: Surf (SF), Green (GN)
List Price: $32

UB-24 SF/ GN
Size: Fits all Ohana standard CK- & PKC- (pineapple shaped) concerts & VK-/VKC- Vita-shaped ukes & SKB-35 (bell shaped ukulele)
Color: Surf (SF), Green (GN)
List Price:$34

UB-27 SF/ GN
Size: Fits all Ohana standard TK- tenors & 5-string tenor
Color: Surf (SF), Green (GN)
List Price:$36

UB-31 SF/ GN
Size: Fits all Ohana BK- baritones
Color:Surf (SF), Green (GN)
List Price: $39