October 19, 2017

   The new Ohana Pequeno is the latest addition to the -28 series. Like the rest of the line, the Pequeno features a premium solid Mahogany construction, with vintage style rope binding and a narrow waist that lends to the modern example of the earlier Nunes ukuleles.


The Ohana -28 Series

   The 28 series was inspired by the first ukuleles introduced to Hawaii by Portuguese woodworker, Manuel Nunes in the late 1800s. The Ohana 28 series features the classic slim waist and body shape of the earlier Portuguese models with Ohana premium all-solid Mahogany construction. The 28 series also features a flushed finger-board for extra resonance, bone nut and saddle, Gotoh friction tuners, and Aquila strings.


Ohana 28 series ukuleles


   Possibly the most iconic and recognizable feature from the Nunes ukuleles was the rope binding. Ohana has extended this feature to the back of the ukulele as well as across the center of the headstock down to the middle of the fingerboard.

Ohana ukuleles nunes style rope binding

Ohana Ukulele 28 series rope binding headstock


Ohana Pequeno

The new Ohana Pequeno features everything the -28 series offers but in a sopranino scale, meaning it measures a total of 19" in.! This cute little sopranino ukulele has a pleasing warm tone and an easy playability. The Ohana Pequeno features an all-solid premium Mahogany construction, bone nut and saddle, classic rope-style rosette and purfling, a satin finish, friction tuners and Aquila strings.


Ohana pequeno sopranino ukulele

Adopt a new Pequeno today!🤏👶