November 01, 2018

SK-10CG Supports Veterans

Some of our best selling ukuleles to date are the Ohana SK-10 Color series. These affordable ukes make a great gift, and are also featured in our Starter Packs. With Veterans’ Day around the corner in November, we proudly unveil a new color— Camo Green!


ohana sk-10cg camo green soprano ukulele front and back

  “When I started Ohana, one of the main drivers was spending more time with my family and in my community. With the Ohana SK-10CG in camo green, we saw an opportunity to support our community of Veterans. As a small community based company, Ohana will start this project locally with Heroes Ukulele Group, or HUG. A portion of the profit for each of these little beauties sold will be donated to HUG, which will support Vets in the Los Angeles area with ukuleles, lessons and community support.”

–Louis Wu


Playing musical instruments engages the brain in a truly unique way, and it has been shown to help with PTSD, depression and loneliness that many Veterans struggle with once they return to civilian life. These real life superheroes who’ve given it all, often don’t have much of a community or support system in place— these wonderful programs give them a group of peers to learn and perform with.   Ohana has proudly supported local Veterans’ programs with reduced cost and donated ukuleles for music programs in Los Angeles and Ventura in California through local volunteer Susanna Sandke with HUG and Daughters of the American Revolution. Local artists and educators Heidi Swedberg and Daniel Ward often lead strum alongs and lessons when in town. Members of HUG have even begun to visit selected wards within the VA Hospital, and have brought cheer to unwell and recovering Service Members.


MARY AND TONY SALAZAR, USAF E-4,e, “Being in HUG means escape—and a chance to be around other vets” | Image Source: Ukulele Magazine

This year, we’ve decided to step up our support of Vets with their very own ukulele model. We wanted to be sure to include all service persons and their families in this endeavor, and chose to start with Heroes Ukulele Group as they support not only the Veteran, but family as well. The sacrifice of the few has long allowed our many life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Please remember to say “Thank you” to the Veterans in your life, this Veteran’s day, and any other day you think of it!


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