September 16, 2016

Lorenzo Vignando, a.k.a. Ukulollo, is an Italian ukulele player from Lucca, Tuscany. Ohana met Lorenzo in 2009 at the second annual Festival of Vincenza.  Since then, we’ve had the pleasure of working with him on several projects and at a few festivals around the world.

Ukulollo in Prague


In 2009, his arrangement of Ravel’s Bolero for 4 ukuleles, percussions, and acoustic bass got thousands of views in just a few days on YouTube, bringing him to the ukulele community's attention. He also uses this splitting technique for his live sets, duetting with himself and other virtual guests projected on a round screen beside him.

Performing in this way, Ukulollo toured the world: from Italy to England, Spain, France, the Czech Republic, Poland, Belgium, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Israel, the USA, Australia, New Zealand, China, and Singapore.

Ukulollo on stage

Ukulollo has published 5 original albums and a cover song. His videos received several prizes and nominations on websites like Ukulele Underground and Ukulele Hunt.

Ukulollo is an ambassador of Ukuleles for Peace, the wonderful project run by Paul Moore which gathers together Jewish and Arab children into a ukulele orchestra in the state of Israel. He Plays Ohana Ukuleles with Aquila Strings and Living Waters Strings.

Get to know Ukulollo through his Facebook and YouTube.


"Ken Middleton's review of [ Ohana's ] TK-35G made me decide it had to be my first uke! It's just an amazing instrument and it remains one of my favorites... I met Louis, the owner of Ohana [and] told me the story about the company. It was [about] simplicity and love for his family, and I found that Ohana was a very appropriate name for such a company. If you get to deal with Ohana you will see you'll aways find people with no shadows and with a high grade of humanity. That's why Ohana is my favorite ukulele brand."
- Ukulollo



Ohana TK-35G tenor ukulele front