July 30, 2019

The Ohana Starter Packs have quickly become one of our most popular series— with everything you need to get started in one neat package, it’s easy to see why!

At Ohana, we are dedicated to providing instruments that sound great, play comfortably, and are affordable without sacrificing quality. This year, we’ve decided to expand the Starter Pack line to include our concert scale student models, the CK-10 and PKC-10. Many new players prefer the fit of a concert instrument over a soprano, and we have received many requests for a concert pack since the dawn of our first soprano pack a year ago.

These new Starter Packs include the same useful accessories— a chromatic tuner to keep your ukulele in tune, a gig bag with backpack-style straps to make taking your uke along a breeze, a shoulder strap for on-the-go playing, a music chart to get you started, and an Ohana sticker— all stored in a sturdy carrying box.

Every Starter Pack also includes a free online lesson from Skype-based teacher, Jeffrey Thomas. It’s incredible how much you can learn in a complimentary session!

jeffrey thomas ukulele lessons

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And like every Ohana uke, each and every one of our Starter Packs are set up in Long Beach, CA.

Many of our dealers enjoy the starter pack as well!

"This Ohana CK-10 package is the best value quality mahogany ukulele in my store. You get a great lightweight, great sounding uke……but then you get a quality bag, a quality ukulele clip on tuner, a nice Ohana strap with an already installed strap button and if that’s not enough they add in a starter how to get started playing booklet and all of this is basically free!  If this is a beginner, there is no need to look further even though I have over 200 ukuleles on my wall."

-George Kaye, owner of Kaye’s Music Scene in Reseda, CA



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