July 03, 2019

Introducing the newest addition to the DIY Ukulele Kits, the Ohana Pineapple PKC-Kit! This new kit features a concert pineapple-shaped body and a crown die-cut headstock. With its unique styling, the PKC-Kit invites exploration to create a ukulele that is as distinctive as you are. This kit, like the rest of the Ohana DIY Kits, comes partially assembled, providing you with a perfect base to create a ukulele that matches your personality. The notched headstock adds an extra layer of uniqueness to your ukulele and design.



In addition, its pineapple shaped body produces a fuller tone since the chamber is not affected by a “waist.” This allows for an uninhibited path for sound to travel to your audience, making this a very unique DIY Ukulele Kit! Its distinctive die-cut crown headstock adds even more flare to your personalization.



The Ohana PKC Kit is currently available in concert size. The kit also comes with bridge guides, saving you the hassle of finding the appropriate location for your bridge. Proper bridge alignment is essential in ensuring accurate intonation.

Included with the kit:

  • 4 tuners (2L + 2R)
  • 1 bridge with guides
  • 1 saddle
  • 1 nut
  • 1 bridge decoration
  • 4 bushings
  • 3 black screws (to secure the bridge)
  • 8 silver wood screws

Our DIY Kits are also available in soprano and concert size, with varying wood types. These kits are the ideal gift to get someone started on the ukulele or to transform a uke that matches your individuality and creativity. The possibilities are endless! Get inspired and order one from your nearest authorized Ohana dealer today.

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