November 27, 2018

We are excited to announce a very unique partnership with Grammy award winning bluegrass and folk artist, Marcy Marxer!


Marcy Marxer. Image Source: Truefire

Marcy is an accomplished instructor, and had students hungry for a quality baritone with a cutaway. Some were even on the hunt for a pick up option. Having played the Ohana BK-35G, Marcy believed its great tone and approachable price would be perfect for her advanced students– it was just missing that pesky cutaway!   [quote author="Marcy Marxer" source=""]One of the beautiful parts of playing the baritone uke is that it blends so well with other ukuleles. If you have a ukulele group or jam session– if you have a baritone uke it adds a nicer lower warmth to the session.[/quote]   Marcy gave the Ohana team in Long Beach, California a call to talk about the possibility of bringing in such an an instrument– an all solid model, with great tone and action, and a cutaway to hit those frets close to the body. The team thought this was a fantastic idea, especially as the baritone scale is garnering more interest within the ukulele community.


Ohana BK-35CG Baritone Ukulele

Together with Marcy, we modified our original BK-35G model and created a cut-away that would help her students play blues more efficiently. A version with a pick up will also be available for those who play professionally, or would simply like to plug in.



The all solid build, together with the baritone body allows for the warmth of Mahogany to really project and come through. The baritone is fitted with quality Grover geared tuners to easily tune and  help balance the weight of the larger body. We’ve chosen to keep the classic wood binding of our -35G series, as well as the high gloss finish.


D and G wound Strings on the BK-35CG

"A great instrument needs to be accessible. It needs to play well, it needs to sound good. It has to have a rewarding element in the musicality of it, so it propels you forward to want to learn more and enjoy more, and it has to be affordable. Now this baritone ukulele fits all of those things."

-Marcy Marxer


Take a listen of this model as Marcy takes it for a spin in the video below!:


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